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“She deserves much better!”

That is what I told a friend
when i heard him say his fiance
and him were getting married
at the courthouse.

He replied with YES, she deserves a
much better memory on her wedding day
but my wallet just can not afford
to give it to her.

Or, so he thought.

A marriage is not made on the wedding day, but
standing in a tiny office in front of the Justice
of the Peace with only enough room for 1 person
to witness the 7 minute ceremony would sure get a
couple off to a rocky start. Forever hearing
about your spouse not getting the type of wedding
he or she had always dreamed of.

No flowers, no fancy wedding invitations, no
beautiful church, no one to record the video
or wedding portraits, no reception and no honeymoon.

But, Wedding Sacramento says it did does not have
to be that way.

Fact is, They were planning on having a
traditional wedding with 25 or so guest and even go

t to the part where the wife to be goes into to
try on about 1,000 different wedding dresses that
all pretty much looked the same to a guy!

However, circumstances in our lives changed
those plans.  We had to move the wedding day
up by about 5 months and had to spend most
of the money we had saved.

With limited time and money we just figured
there were no other options than to go the
shot gun route and get hitched at the
local courthouse… how romantic!

Okay, enough about our sob story.  The point
of wedding Sacramento is site is to help you
make sure your wedding day is one that you
actually want to remember.

We will give you all kinds of ideas on how
to save money on the big day without sacrificing

We have an extensive collection of articles
on wedding invitations and invitation etiquette,
where you can find the best price on the most
fabulous wedding dress, where to get beautiful
flowers that are affordable, even where and
how to prepare wedding day speeches for the
groom, best man, and father of the bride!

She deserves better!  And, if you are a man
reading this you need to make sure you do
everything in your power to give that to her.

If you are a woman then give your man this
wedding Sacramento website address!

We will also look at wedding packages and
venues here in Sacramento. You do not need
a wedding planner, just spend some time
here at Wedding Sacramento to find answers
to any questions you may have about the
up coming big day!


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