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Graceful Wedding Bubbles Ideas to Enlighten Your Wedding Reception

Graceful Wedding Bubbles Ideas to Enlighten Your Wedding Reception By tradition, rice is used to shower couples when they make their way out of the wedding ceremony. However, since bubbles have been revealed, many newly wedded couples have used them instead of rice. Distinct from rice, bubbles can be used with a less chaos. They are safe and do not cause any stain on dresses and other wedding material. There is a variety of wedding bubbles wands available on the internet as well as brick and mortal stores. They come in simple plain white bottles to beautifully decorated wands with stunning designs on the lid or side. Simple Wedding Bubbles Ideas When there are lots of guests to prepare wedding bubbles for you and you have a very less time, it’s better to choose simply decorated wedding bubbles. You can make your best pick from a wide range of wedding bubbles bottles that are available in many local stores and online. Most of the readymade wedding bubbles have a clipped tip topper like wedding bells or doves. You can simply decorate it by cutting a curling ribbon (in suitable colours to your wedding theme) and then tie it around the neck of the wedding bubble bottle. Then again, you can use slender fabric ribbon to adorn the wedding bubble bottles. You can fix a small wedding accessory on the ribbon before you tie it in a large bow. There is a wide range of cute wedding accessories available in your local craft store as well as online. Choose the wedding accessories which best suits your wedding theme. Graceful Wedding Bubble Ideas When you have lots of time and people to help you out, you can prepare a more graceful ideal for your wedding bubbles. To make your wedding bubble look beautiful, you can fix rhinestones on the bottles or lids. Although rhinestones are available in a variety of sizes and colours; it is better to chose small rhinestones for wedding bubble bottles. Choose colours that best suits your wedding colours or you can just chooses simple silver stones to be safe. Now fix them on wedding bubbles bottles in a fantastic design like hearts, wedding rings or anything which complements your wedding theme. Otherwise, you can also wrap the wedding bubbles bottles in a graceful fabric-tulle or satin. Place the bottle on the center of the round cut fabric then wrap the fabric around the neck of the wedding bubble bottle. Make it look more elegant by tying a ribbon on the neck of the wedding bubble bottle in a stylish way. To add a final touch, you can hang a tag with your names and wedding date printed on it. While choose this wedding bubble idea, make sure your guests can easily open the bottle without removing the fabric. Wedding bubble bottles or wands can be also used as wedding favors for your guests. If you want to buy readymade wedding bubble wands or bottles, simple browse the internet to explore a wide range of options to choose from. Finding and buying beautiful wedding supplies these days is quite easy, thanks to the online stores like wholesaleweddingsupplies.com.au for giving you the facility to buy a wide range of wedding supplies any time of the day from the comfort of your homes. These online wedding supplies stores also have so many elegant accessories or favours for your own wedding or pre-wedding parties. http://www.wholesaleweddingsupplies.com.au/bubbles-c-292.html