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Black wedding suits- how to look stunning at your wedding?

Wedding being the most memorable day of life needs extra attention towards the dressing of groom and bride. In past, only western wedding dresses could be in black color as the eastern taboo did not approve the brides to be in black. As the time is passing fashion trends have also eliminated this taboo. Black wedding suits are now quite in demand. Here we have some gorgeous wedding suits tips that could assist you to be like an angel at your wedding.

As far as formal suits for men are concerned, at wedding time a groom dressed in black is at the same time formal, sensational and impressive. Charcoal suits with satin shawl collar and a bow can give you a round of applause for your dressing. The color of shirt should be chosen with great care as the wrong match can bring the whole dressing to zero level. Light colors preferably white can give you a smooth look. If you are using a tie instead of bow, then care is necessary to make a fine combination between the color of tie and shirt. Red tie on navy blue shirt can make you look informal. It is better to concern with a dress designer or simply you can watch fashion magazines or designers’ website to see the latest fashion and color combinations. Weather is another important factor that can influence your wedding dress color. In winter weddings, bright colors can give you a remarkable look on the other hand summer weddings need exactly the opposite colors. Bridal dresses should be chosen with even more care. If you are wearing a gown, then such color and design should be selected that go perfectly with your physique. If you are slim then gowns with frills will suit on you but if you are a bit stout then skin fitting gowns are the best for you. Makeup is yet another factor that makes you look pretty, heavy makeup should be avoided and especially put on such lipsticks that do not look sharp. Although red lipstick is a good one, but it again depends upon your dress color and the eye makeup you have got. With smoky eye makeup red lipstick can make a good combination but if you have chosen shimmer then pink or brown lipstick would look more suitable. Jewelry is also an important factor so the brides must wear such jewels that give pretty look; heavy jewelry with light embroidery suits and light jewelry with heavy embroidery suits makes fine combination. for more information please visit here: Black Wedding Suits and Formal Suits For Men.

How to Buy Perfect Vintage Wedding Dress

Buying a perfect vintage wedding dress is important since it is about your appearance on your life’s most special occasion, marriage. A perfect dress will not only show your personality in unique ways but also boast of your style statement. Buying a perfect dress for as an important occasion as marriage is the dream of all. A perfect wedding dress is important not only to make you look different with a unique style statement but also to make your marriage the most memorable event. If you have decided to go on a vintage route for your wedding dress, you will surely face challenges to find the unique wedding gown. However, the efforts are worth as long as you want to capture the essence of the earlier times. Before you start your search for the perfect wedding gown, educate yourself with the important details that will help you choose the right one from vintage lace wedding dresses available. Here are some important tips to select the right vintage wedding dress.

Define your budget The first thing before you start looking for a vintage wedding dress is to know your budget. It will help you refine your search and will surely keep you away from falling in love with something you cannot afford. Which style suits you the best Once you know your budget, you should know which style is perfect for you. It is important to know which style will flatter your body type to make you look more beautiful. The dress you choose should refine your overall looks and show off your personality in unique ways on the most important occasion of your life. If you find an attractive vintage wedding dress that does not however is as per your size, consider trimming it to suit your purpose. You can consider removing the sleeves, trimming and shortening it to make it fit for your body. To have a look at the collection of vintage lace wedding dresses, click here. Never forget to ask your close ones Many people have the penchant to treasure things used on the special occasions of their life. It might happen that your mother, grandmother, relative or a close friend already have a vintage wedding gown with them. This will not only make things easy and cost effective to find one for yourself but also save you time and fatigue. Condition of the dress Check the vintage dress that you want for yourself for the wear and tear, stains and its overall condition. Many vintage lace wedding dresses aren’t appropriately stored and it could result in some damage or the other. You could fix some of the problems in vintage wedding dresses with trimming and careful sewing and by removing the stains, but not all of them. So be careful when you choose vintage wedding dress. Where to buy it from You should know the right place where you can find some good vintage wedding stuff. You can find the wedding dress at many places like online shops, antique stores, yard sales and so on. If you do not know what to buy and where to buy it from, you will end up in despair. For visiting www.tcselect.com click here Stained gowns Always avoid buying stained gowns. The reason being, removing stains from your wedding gown to make it look fresh will cost you dearly. On the other hand, chances are there that even after the strenuous efforts to remove them, stains still remain. In such a situation, buying a wedding gown will prove futile. The author of this article recommends buying vintage wedding dress from TcSelect.com.

What Makes Wedding Designer Sarees So Gorgeous?

Are you getting married soon? Wow…what a blissful feeling it must be! For sure you must be excited and nervous, at the same time, for putting together your trousseau. But hey…while adding a whole lot of Indian and western dresses in your trousseau…don’t forget to add a collection of stunning Wedding Designer Sarees! Yes…you read it right ‘Wedding Designer Sarees’! All of us, at some point, are smitten by those fabulous Designer Sarees adorned by extraordinarily beautiful Bollywood actresses be it Kareena Kapoor Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Katrina Kaif, or Kajol. Whether it is the skimpy and sensuous designer blouses, dazzling embellishments or unique drapes, everything about Designer Sarees is simply hitching and striking! So here we have summarized for you, the features that make the Wedding Designer Sarees so fabulous and let you look so drop dead gorgeous! A Sensuous &Trendy Designer Blouse If you think that the humble blouse or choli goes unnoticed…you are really mistaken! Amongst all the fuss and attention grabbed by the fabric or the embroidery of the saree, a sensuous Designer Blouse can do wonders to enhance your entire persona. A fitted and well-cut blouse will not only highlight your curves but also make the look very appealing. Designers are experimenting and as a result, a lot of attractive and skimpy blouse patterns, cuts and designs are available in the market that will surely make you stand out from the crowd on the most celebrated days of your life. Saree Embellishments A plain, simple or pastel coloured Saree would not be that exciting for a big fat Indian wedding. But the use of right embellishments and embroideries can make the Saree look heavier and prettier. This is what Designer Sarees stand for! The perfect touch of sparkle and glamour using sequins, stones, laces, beads, etc., in the Designer Sarees, sleeves, blouses and backs can make you dazzle like a queen.

Saree Draping Styles The Saree Draping Style is as important as the color, cuts and designing of the Latest Fancy Designer Sarees. And Designer Sarees is all about making you slim even if you are one of those curvaceous ones! The conventional style of saree draping with the ‘pallu’ falling over one arm is, undoubtedly, beautiful, but, is now, experimented by the designers to add a trendy and modern touch. And when you have the right height and figure, don’t be shy to flaunt the ‘never-before-seen’ saree drapes! So, if you are looking for the perfect place to buy extremely elegant Designer Wedding Sarees, then, Collection G is the perfect destination. It is a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Ladies Wear. It is also a renowned Designer Sarees Manufacturer and Supplier in India. The company presents an exuberant collection of the Latest Fancy Designer Sarees, Designer Tunics, Designer Ladies Suits, Designer Lehenga and Indian Wedding Designer Sarees. For more information and to place orders, you can log on to http://www.garimacollection.com/.

Which color palette for my wedding flowers?


The wedding flowers you choose for your wedding day is very important. There are many things you have to consider about your floral decoration, as combination of colors, type or variety, flavor, shape and visual representation. Usually, the first thought is what color you used on the flowers, as it has to go coordinated with the color palette you use for that day. The flowers you choose should go according to your dress, the dress of your ladies , your linens , invitations, etc. . There are certain colors that are used throughout the year. These are the traditional wedding colors like white, but in no way are a strict guide to use. Currently international trends and tastes dictate brides wear a custom color palette, that is because they use throughout your wedding your favorite color, or a color that is special to you. We invite you to visit our pictures for you to find out which colors and textures fit your personality more. Choose your wedding colors based on this and if you still are not sure where to start, take a sample of your dress, or tell us what color are your linens and all these elements will adapt to have the perfect flowers in the perfect environment. The fresh cut flowers are usually grouped by seasons, but it also can use colors that are not in at the time, and remember that this day will be unforgettable and the star will be you. The decision about which color to use, is derived directly from that style or personality you have. Since you now know that personality will be easier to identify color palette that is most suitable for your wedding. If you identify yourself in some of the personalities that we present, do not worry you’re likely in 2 or 3 different types of styles, but those ideas can crack. Here are ideas to combine color palettes will serve you as a base to start: Aqua Marina: Combination in different blue tones contrasting with green apple and army green tones, is perfect for a daytime wedding in a garden, beach or farm. Mango Explosion: A combination of yellow, orange and pink make it perfect for any modern bride , regardless of the time in which case , we recommend using these tones in spring. Wild Passion : Color scheme list, with pinks and oranges , make smart choices and glamorous . Perfect for use in wedding night in a room. Silver Romance : Electrifying combination of silver and different shades of pink . The combination made ??out of traditional, modern and edgy. Perfect for use in winter, within  a room. Vibrant Autumn: A combination of colors like yellow ocher, orange and wine make it ideal for use in autumn, at noon in a garden.