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Getting Married? Bridesmaids Gifts That Your Friends Will Appreciate

There’s so much to do when you’re getting married! From choosing the big day, to getting a dress, to choosing your bridal attendants, it may seem like there’s thousands of details to think about and decisions to make. Oftentimes, one detail brides might forget is what they’re giving their friends as a bridal attendant gift. Your friends have probably spent a lot of time and money on your wedding, especially when you consider the dress, the shower and most importantly, the bachelorette party! To show your buddies how much you appreciate all the time, effort and resources they’ve spent being a part of your big day, give them a gift that they’ll appreciate! Gift #1: A Special Piece Of Jewelry

If you want them to wear special coordinating jewelry on the day of your wedding, it’s a lovely gesture to buy it for them. These jewelry pieces don’t have to be expensive, but if you’re planning on having them all wear something specific, they’ll appreciate that they don’t have to buy it themselves. To make this present even more personal, give your friends pieces that coordinate and match their own personalities, rather than each other. Gift #2: One Of A Kind Monogrammed Stationery Monogrammed stationery is another thoughtful, one of a kind gift. You can choose from a number of different monogrammed stationery pieces, including simple slab pads and even ones with magnets that attach to the refrigerator for a quick grocery list. To make monogrammed stationery even more personal, consider buying some with a photo on each page of your note pad. Choose a photo that’s personal for each friend to remember a special memory that you both share. When you’re buying monogrammed stationery for your bridal attendants, don’t forget to order personalized thank you cards for all those wedding and shower gifts that you’re sure to receive! A thank you note made out of monogrammed stationery can let your guests know how much you appreciated their presence — and their presents — at your wedding. Gift #3: Pay For Her Bridal Wear This last gift idea might be out of your price range, especially if you’re paying for the wedding yourself. However, if you have the funds to pay for your bridal attendants’ dress, hair appointment, manicure and make up application for the wedding, it will be an appreciated gift. If you’re not in the financial situation to pay for the entire bridal wear package, consider hiring a hairdresser or two to do up-dos and makeup applications the morning of the wedding. You’ll probably pay less by hiring someone per hour rather than visiting a salon. These are just a few ideas of what you can give your bridal party to show your appreciation for being a part of your big day. Before you choose one, think about your friends, as well as your budget for bridal party gifts. Being a part of a this entourage can be expensive and stressful so it’s important to let your friends know just how much you appreciate their friendship. Giftsin24.com specializes in the art of monogrammed stationery. The company’s personalized notepads ship in just 24-48 hours, which means customers can receive their items in less time than expected. To see the company’s items, please visit http://www.giftsin24.com/.

Wedding Invitations That Fit The Location

If your wedding is a beach wedding, think laid-back and relaxed, the water and sand. Cash Gifts: Keep these in mind when choosing your wedding invitation. You may not have even decided on a theme or colour scheme yet so its best to avoid too much decoration.Wedding Stationery – The Extra'sThe world is your oyster when adding the extra special touches to your items. Bed and Breakfast: Imagine the style that you have in mind and try to foresee if the execution of that particular style would look good on all the elements. Consider also the time required for the invitations to get to its destination if you are using the postal service.

About wedding invitations Planning a wedding is a mammoth task and it isn't one many couples take lightly. Destination, outdoor and beach weddings are tremendously become more and more popular. Resorts, Renaissance Hotels, and The Ritz-Carlton. You need a lot of time putting together names and addresses, then putting them inside the envelopes.This is the part couples usually spend the most money and add all the little extras like guest name printing, envelope liners and envelope seals. It was always said the invitation sets the mood and tone of the event. Once the design has been chosen you then need to think about the items you want to order:Wedding Stationery EssentialsSave the Date Cards – Whether it's a bottle of scotch or fine wine with instructions to open on their tenth anniversary, a gorgeous vase, or piece of art, give a gift on which the couple will be able to look fondly and say “Our friend John gave us that for our wedding.It will also let your guests know when your wedding is and allow them to keep the date free. Matching your wedding invitation with the weddings location will give beautiful results. Want to give the couple some out of the world gift? You could even have the invitation's stationery bejeweled and flicked with crystals and glitters or decorated with a beautiful chandelier motif. Wedding Calligraphy wedding calligraphy