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Make Your Brides Look Prettier by Wearing Lehenga Choli

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her day of the wedding. The girl goes through brainstorming sessions to select the best look, the most exquisite outfit & makeup and all other details. Availability of different options in wedding dresses confuses the would-be brides. She can look traditional by flaunting her beauty in regional or ethnic dresses or she can experiment with her look and try something unique like wearing the wedding gowns. In India, mostly girls consider wearing something traditional as well as stylish on the other hand on the day of her wedding. Some brides prefer to wear Wedding Saree, Heavy Salwar Suit or Lehenga Choli on her one of the most special days of her life. Among several options competing in the league of wedding attires, Lehenga Choli is one of the most favored choices of the fashion-conscious brides. It is known for its unique ability to adorn the brides. Flip in the pages of calendars brings changes in the overall look of Lehengas. The trends of cuts, embroidery work, color combinations, designs and other factors are introduced in these attires. These attires are available in raw silk, organza of Benaras, crepe, satin, net or other exquisite fabrics. Moreover, this simple piece of fabric is adorned with intricate embroidery work of different types like zari work, dabka work, chikan work, phulkari work, ari work and others.

The wedding dress needs to be chosen as per the time of function (day or night), complexion and body type of the bride and the budget. One can find the perfect outfit suiting all the factors in an efficient manner. If the wedding dress would be chosen wisely, then there will be no doubt that the bride will become the centre of attraction. To flaunt the feminism, a bride can opt for a Lehenga with a deep neck or deep declines. The charming choli of these dresses adds that extra zing to the overall look. Choli with thin straps or just one shoulder sleeve or a backless one can make a person look way apart from the crowd. Favorites among the masses are Lehenga Choli of peach, lilac, pink, aqua, green, blue, magenta, sapphire blue, red etc. Lehenga Saree is also one of the excellent options available in the market. It is a lehenga style saree, which is a combination of Saree and Lehenga Choli. It is very easy for the ladies to wear or drape these attires to add certain feminism to their look. One of the main differences between Lehenga Saree and plain sarees is that pleats are not required to be made in these. The modern as well as traditional look of the Lehenga Saree has increased its popularity among masses. This article has been written and posted by a Fashion Designer who working with kalkifashion.com(A Women’s dresses online shopping store). She gives information on Indian lehenga and tell how to buy indian lehengas choli online and how to wear lehenga in Fashionable style.

Black wedding suits- how to look stunning at your wedding?

Wedding being the most memorable day of life needs extra attention towards the dressing of groom and bride. In past, only western wedding dresses could be in black color as the eastern taboo did not approve the brides to be in black. As the time is passing fashion trends have also eliminated this taboo. Black wedding suits are now quite in demand. Here we have some gorgeous wedding suits tips that could assist you to be like an angel at your wedding.

As far as formal suits for men are concerned, at wedding time a groom dressed in black is at the same time formal, sensational and impressive. Charcoal suits with satin shawl collar and a bow can give you a round of applause for your dressing. The color of shirt should be chosen with great care as the wrong match can bring the whole dressing to zero level. Light colors preferably white can give you a smooth look. If you are using a tie instead of bow, then care is necessary to make a fine combination between the color of tie and shirt. Red tie on navy blue shirt can make you look informal. It is better to concern with a dress designer or simply you can watch fashion magazines or designers’ website to see the latest fashion and color combinations. Weather is another important factor that can influence your wedding dress color. In winter weddings, bright colors can give you a remarkable look on the other hand summer weddings need exactly the opposite colors. Bridal dresses should be chosen with even more care. If you are wearing a gown, then such color and design should be selected that go perfectly with your physique. If you are slim then gowns with frills will suit on you but if you are a bit stout then skin fitting gowns are the best for you. Makeup is yet another factor that makes you look pretty, heavy makeup should be avoided and especially put on such lipsticks that do not look sharp. Although red lipstick is a good one, but it again depends upon your dress color and the eye makeup you have got. With smoky eye makeup red lipstick can make a good combination but if you have chosen shimmer then pink or brown lipstick would look more suitable. Jewelry is also an important factor so the brides must wear such jewels that give pretty look; heavy jewelry with light embroidery suits and light jewelry with heavy embroidery suits makes fine combination. for more information please visit here: Black Wedding Suits and Formal Suits For Men.

How to Give a Striking Look With Flowers To A Wedding?

Wedding is a beautiful occasion and people start preparing for it much time before. To give it a striking look, people plan out so many things that can make this day memorable and interesting. While planning, out of all things decoration of the wedding is something that is known to be the essence of this event and when it comes to decoration then nothing works best than flowers. If you are thinking to give a wedding some creative and appealing look then here are certain ideas that will give blooming effect to the precious time: Plan special bouquet for bride and groom Think of the happiness that will be there when you will surprise them with one of the beautiful bouquet. This is surely going to be the special moment for them. You can ask Singapore florist, to prepare one most special bouquet for bride and groom that contains different variety of flowers. You may either avail flower delivery services and surprise the couple at their first night, or gift them in the wedding event. The completely depends on you that when is the right time to surprise them and make them happy. Make a special floral band for the bride Along with doing all the arrangements, plan for the floral band as well. This is going to add on creativity and innovation to the look of the bride. You can either ask the flower seller to prepare the band from your side or you can ask him to do flower delivery, as with floral delivery services in Singapore you can design the band of your choice and add on creativity to it. This aging is going to surprise the bride and make her feel special. A Singapore florist is specialized in providing both varieties of flowers i.e. artificial ones and the original ones. Decide for the unique stage decoration In wedding, if stage decoration will not be pleasant then the look of the party will have an incomplete look for sure. Stage is the place where all the guests’ eyes are going to stick and also the place where bride and groom are going to spend special time, so the decoration of this should be supreme and top notch. For this, plan a rough structure that how the stage is going to look. You can add on different shape along with the floral work. Have a discussion with the florist that what can work best, as they can guide you best in it. Floweret center pieces are going to work great In a wedding, there are lots of places for decoration, which are given top preference like the decoration of the entrance, stage, food, clothing etc. but out of all, many things are left over and one of them is tables. If you are scheduling for some marriage, then do keep in mind to arrange for the floweret centre pieces for the tables, where guests are going to enjoy their dining.