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Getting Married? Bridesmaids Gifts That Your Friends Will Appreciate

There’s so much to do when you’re getting married! From choosing the big day, to getting a dress, to choosing your bridal attendants, it may seem like there’s thousands of details to think about and decisions to make. Oftentimes, one detail brides might forget is what they’re giving their friends as a bridal attendant gift. Your friends have probably spent a lot of time and money on your wedding, especially when you consider the dress, the shower and most importantly, the bachelorette party! To show your buddies how much you appreciate all the time, effort and resources they’ve spent being a part of your big day, give them a gift that they’ll appreciate! Gift #1: A Special Piece Of Jewelry

If you want them to wear special coordinating jewelry on the day of your wedding, it’s a lovely gesture to buy it for them. These jewelry pieces don’t have to be expensive, but if you’re planning on having them all wear something specific, they’ll appreciate that they don’t have to buy it themselves. To make this present even more personal, give your friends pieces that coordinate and match their own personalities, rather than each other. Gift #2: One Of A Kind Monogrammed Stationery Monogrammed stationery is another thoughtful, one of a kind gift. You can choose from a number of different monogrammed stationery pieces, including simple slab pads and even ones with magnets that attach to the refrigerator for a quick grocery list. To make monogrammed stationery even more personal, consider buying some with a photo on each page of your note pad. Choose a photo that’s personal for each friend to remember a special memory that you both share. When you’re buying monogrammed stationery for your bridal attendants, don’t forget to order personalized thank you cards for all those wedding and shower gifts that you’re sure to receive! A thank you note made out of monogrammed stationery can let your guests know how much you appreciated their presence — and their presents — at your wedding. Gift #3: Pay For Her Bridal Wear This last gift idea might be out of your price range, especially if you’re paying for the wedding yourself. However, if you have the funds to pay for your bridal attendants’ dress, hair appointment, manicure and make up application for the wedding, it will be an appreciated gift. If you’re not in the financial situation to pay for the entire bridal wear package, consider hiring a hairdresser or two to do up-dos and makeup applications the morning of the wedding. You’ll probably pay less by hiring someone per hour rather than visiting a salon. These are just a few ideas of what you can give your bridal party to show your appreciation for being a part of your big day. Before you choose one, think about your friends, as well as your budget for bridal party gifts. Being a part of a this entourage can be expensive and stressful so it’s important to let your friends know just how much you appreciate their friendship. Giftsin24.com specializes in the art of monogrammed stationery. The company’s personalized notepads ship in just 24-48 hours, which means customers can receive their items in less time than expected. To see the company’s items, please visit http://www.giftsin24.com/.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses Sure To Wow

The bride may steal the show on her wedding day but her bridesmaids shouldn’t be left behind. After all, it’s through them that she shines and is able to enjoy one of the most memorable days of her life. Like the bride, bridesmaids stand out when draped in beautiful dresses stunning enough to put royalty to shame. They may not be designed to steal the show but they can come pretty close. And, unlike the bride’s dress which typically costs a bundle, their garb doesn’t have to. Creations crafted by designers with the gift are all that’s needed. Here are a few examples of dresses sure to be a hit with the maids and the crowd.

Grecian-inspired: Like the Greeks of old who wore beautifully draped pieces, Grecian-inspired dresses are always a head-turner. Short or long, strapless or one-shouldered, bridesmaids can be presented with choices to complement their taste and form. Short numbers are great for young bridesmaids especially with a draped bodice and ruching along the sides. A shirred waist and a delicately pleated skirt can complete the look. More mature bridesmaids can be adorned in a wholly Grecian dress that flows down to the ankles, has a one-shoulder strap and a loose draped bodice. Empire waist dresses: Empire waists are timeless even in this sea of modern clothing styles. They hide unflattering areas, accentuate the good and can be worn on all occasions. If choosing a short dress, one with a crossover shirred bodice, empire waist and a moderately plunging neckline is the perfect pick. Have it fall just above the knee and choose an A-line silhouette. One of the best features of empire waist dresses is that they’re a no-nonsense style that’s perfect for busy bridesmaids who can’t be bothered with details that prevents them from catering to the bride. They also suit most body types. Structured dresses: Bridesmaids have to be on their feet for hours and it’s only natural that their posture and form begin to sag. Structured dresses can help keep the body upright and relaxed. Choose a textured fabric and suggest that your maids wear the dresses above knee height with a one-shoulder neckline. A pleated tab on the shoulder with a flower or buckled detail completes the look. Structured dresses are feminine and smart. They can be worn for most occasions and are fuss-free. Textured fabrics ensure details and shape hold which bridesmaids will love. Shirred dresses: Dresses with shirred bodices are versatile because they’re casual enough to be worn for beach weddings while retaining formal elements that make them perfect for traditional church weddings. A lightweight skirt to balance the detailed bodice which can also have a notch detail and an interior corset to hold everything in place and your bridesmaids will be more than satisfied. Smocked waist: Like the empire waistline, smocked waists have been around for years. Bridesmaids’ dresses can incorporate the design on crape with a simple lace-detailed round neck and a waist band to lend more shape to the silhouette. You can also suggest a modern twist with a plunging back. The five examples given here are by no means comprehensive as there are numerous other styles dresses can incorporate. However, they’re tried and tested designs that work well on most body types and are guaranteed to wow. Bridesmaid dresses are key to adding the wow aspect to your wedding day, with a variety of themes and comprehensive styles to choose from, they are appealing to every body shape and definitely a stand out of the crowd. For some stunning dress designs and ideas, visit this website.