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Getting Rid Of the Symptoms of Stage Fright

Stage Fright Review

If so, there’s no doubt you want to over come this problem. There’s many different forms of stage fright and can have a wide variety of symptoms. It’s difficult to diagnose each case in one article. What we can do, however, is to talk about some the most common symptoms of stage fright and what you can do to get over them.

This will help to cover the basics and will also give you an idea of what you can do to overcome any additional stage fright symptoms that you may be experiencing. Here are the top three stage fright symptoms and what you can do to overcome them before you take the platform.

Dry Mouth – this is a very annoying problem to have, especially when you are going to be speaking in a public engagement. Because your dry mouth will cause you to do things like smacking your lips uncontrollably and it will also change the pitch and tone of your voice. If you are suffering from dry mouth then you need to take a moment to relax, and then go suck a lemon.

This may seem like a rather flip comment, but it actually works. The sourness of the lemon will cause your mouth to produce saliva for a long period of time. If you are going to be speaking for a long time then have some lemon water on the platform for you to sip during your speech.

Shaky Hands – The problem of shaking is not usually confined to only the hands, but this is where it is typically noticed because of you holding your notes. At times your hands may shake so much that you are not able to read your own notes and this can bring your presentation to a screeching halt.

Stage Fright Options

Other then really being able to relax a little bit there are very few options to overcome this problem. I have found, however, that holding my notes with two hands will help a great deal. The only other option that you really have is to have a place to set your notes, such as a podium or perhaps even have them on a clipboard.

Shaky Knees – The problem of your knees knocking together is actually something that has been around for thousands of years, the first written instance of it being recorded in the Bible. So you are actually in good company when it comes to having a problem with shaking knees. There are also a few options to be able to overcome this, but one of the best ways is to shift your weight a little bit from side to side.

It is necessary to stand straight with your feet below you in order to appear poised for your speech. But there is nothing wrong with shifting your weight slightly to overcome shaky knees provided you do not draw notice to it from your audience.

There are many other things that could go wrong whenever you are giving your speech. Wedding Sacramento  says one of the best things to do is just to be prepared to take a deep breath during your talk without being too noticeable about it. The moment that you take a deep breath you will find that you will regain your composure to one degree or another.

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Bride Wedding Speech

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Bride Wedding Speech – Little Known Facts on the Wedding Speech of a Bride


When it comes to the wedding reception the bride wedding speech is extremely important. Her speech adds beauty to the wedding. There are a number of wedding speech resources available online and in the form of books. So you need not worry about preparing for the

The bridal speech is the best way to express joy and thank all the relatives and friends for attending the wedding. To start with you can find some good examples online. You can also try adding few jokes to the speech.

The bride wedding speech need not be too long; it can be short and sweet. The bride has to thank her mom, dad and all the groomsman. Then you can talk about the best man. Thank the entire guest for coming and for their lovely gifts. Thank all the friends for helping you out throughout the wedding.

The bride has to talk about the groom. Talk about the wonderful moments you had together, your first meeting and all that is possible to include in the speech.

The bride wedding speech must include a good opening line, thanks giving to all the relatives and friends for being a part of the wedding ceremony, about the bride’s parents, something nice about the groom’s parents, some jokes in between to prevent the guests from getting bored, some nice moments with your husband and some nice and sweet lines to close the speech.

Those who are not aware of what should be included in the speech can include all these as mentioned above.

The bride wedding speech should be the best one. Prepare well in advance, so that you do not get stuck up anywhere. If you are not prepared for the speech you will be pushed to an embarrassing situation in front of your relatives and friends.

The speech given by the bride should be a memorable one. You can write the contents of your speech in a sheet of paper and practice reading the speech in front of your mirror.

From the bride’s point of view, there will be a lot more pressure as the bride is expected to deliver a meaningful, warm wedding speech. In the wedding reception, being the bride, you are the center of attention and everybody is going to look at you.

This adds more responsibility to you on this auspicious day. So make your speech an excellent one.

Try not to read the speech directly from the paper in the reception. Many bride speech examples can be found in this site This website is extremely informative on bride’s speeches. Write your speech using your own words; this will definitely be different and impressive. Include the necessary components to make the speech great.

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Maid Of Honor Speech – Tips You Can Try Now!

At Wedding Sacramento we say that the most important role of the maid of honor is to give the maid of honor speech.

wedding- sacramento-maid-of-honor-speechThis announcement is a huge part of the wedding ceremony and sometimes is given within the first part of the wedding reception before people stand leaving, so most likely you will have a full house when giving your speech.

While the best man’s speech is equally important, he will focus more on the groom then on the bride, so it’s your job to keep the bride happy and entertain her with your speech. There are a few tips when it comes to giving a maid of honor speech that will almost guarantee it to be a big success and that’s what I’m going to show you in this article today.

The best speeches are usually the funny one’s where every one in the crowd is laughing not just the bride. Telling stories about growing up together and funny things that happened to you is a great way to get your speech going.

A lot of maid of honors when giving a speech like to wing it and not write anything down on paper and just hope for the best. I think on such a big day, the least you can do is make an effort and write down a few prepared remarks.

We all know that the majority of people don’t like to speak in front of other people, we tend to get very nervous when we know we have to make a speech and having prepared notes makes life a lot easier on that front as well.

Here are some of the things you can talk about in your speech. If you and the bride grew up together, you could talk about all the silly things you did as kids. You should talk about how you and the bride met each other and how you became friends.

This is quite a popular way to start a speech, by letting the audience know who you are and how you know the bride. I feel it sets the right tone for the rest of the speech. You can talk about what the bride use to tell you about the groom when they first started dating and make a funny story out of that.

Then if you want to get into a more substantial part of your speech, start talking about how great the bride and groom look together, make a spiritual comment or something meaningful from you to the bride and groom and of course you cannot forget to give them some marital advice then wish them luck on their journey.

Hopefully these tips will give you some idea on what to say when giving a maid of honor speech.

Father of the Bride Speeches

You never know who will make a disaster at your wedding in the form of a lame or inappropriate toast or speech.  It is usually the best man but the father of the bride can make a mess of things as well.

How to avoid it?  Help him, or better yet, create his toast or speech for him.

We here at Sacramento Wedding want your special day to be the best it can be so we have put together some articles on speeches and also provided a resource for creating your own speeches that will make the most of your special day so check it out by clicking on the banner below!

As the father of the Bride, you already have a lot of responsibility on your plate: not just on the wedding day itself, but in the days and weeks that lead up to the event.

Aside from all the organization and orchestration of the wedding and reception details, your number-one duty is to provide your daughter with a solid shoulder to lean upon as her Big Day approaches. This is your time to really be her rock – you’re the one she’ll be turning to when things get a little chaotic (as they undoubtedly will do!)

On top of all these caring, altruistic responsibilities, there’s also the not-so-small matter of keeping yourself sane and as stress-free as possible.

And when you’re expected to make a speech that’s warm, witty, significant, meaningful, and funny – in front of all the people who really matter to you, your family, your new son-in-law, and (most importantly) your daughter, that’s a pretty big ask.

This is where Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches: How to be Witty and Well Prepared comes in: a comprehensive how-to guide by Dan Stevens, experienced public speaker and speech-writer extraordinaire, to writing and delivering the funniest, most eloquent speech of the day.

This handbook has been designed and written specifically to meet the precise needs of the Father of the Bride. It deals with all his traditional and contemporary responsibilities on the day itself and in the time leading up to it: not just the crafting, preparation, and delivery of the speech, but everything you need to know to be the most well-informed, supportive, and confident Father of the Bride that you possibly can be!


This is a pretty detailed guide: there’s a lot of information that’s covered. Let’s take a look at the contents.

In Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches: How to be Witty and Well Prepared you get:

  • Immediate access to 20 professionally-written, top quality speeches designed explicitly for the Father of the Bride. These speeches have been written in a manner that enables you to piece together the parts that you like, creating your very own, personalized speech which perfectly suits your individual occasion – and what’s more, they’re officially guaranteed to be adaptable to any situation.
  • Over 100 witty, top-quality toasts for you to insert into your speech
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your own individual speech from scratch
  • The complete how-to for delivering your speech like a professional: all the tips and practical advice you need to look and sound great when it really counts!
  • The complete protocol and etiquette for the Father of the Bride: all the information necessary for you to fulfil your duties, so you can relax in your role as both a supportive father and a gracious host – who’s never at a loss for the right thing to say or do
  • A complete, no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee: if you’re not completely satisfied with your speech-making package, you have a full eight weeks to request your complete refund


Something that’s guaranteed to please is the fact that the book is laid out in such an easy-to-read, mistake-proof format. It seems as though Dan really understands what it’s like to be the Father of the Bride – that there’s little time for poring over densely-written, complex speech-making encyclopedias and 1,000 page Read-Me’s.

A pleasant contrast to the other products on the market, the user-friendliness of this book means that it can be read and absorbed in one night (as is attested to by several of the more-than-impressive testimonials on the book’s site).

Even those Fathers of the Bride who waited until the night before the wedding to prepare their speech still received standing ovations from the wedding crowd (again, you have to read those testimonials to believe it!) …

In all seriousness though, being the Father of the Bride is a large responsibility encompassing hundreds of specific duties both minor and major. Dan Stevens recognizes that it’s not always possible to spend the necessary time in thinking about and preparing your speech – so he’s done it all for you, by creating a speech-making package that’s not only designed specifically for the Father of the Bride, but has been designed to be easily and quickly readable and absorbable. In short, it doesn’t take much in terms of time or effort to put the information contained within this book to good use!

Something else that really ensures every last base is covered is the private email consultation with Dan: for no added charge, Internet customers (who purchase the instantly-downloadable online book, as opposed to the hard copy) receive an individual and personal consultation with Dan Stevens himself. If you have any questions, want more professional advice, or even just some feedback on your speech notes, simply write him an email and get your own personalized reply straight from the horse’s mouth.


Yes, there’s even more …

As well as all the information covered above, you also get three whole bonus books for free:

  • Unstoppable Confidence Audio Program: this is a downloadable audio track that’s been put together by a professional hypnotherapist – designed to help even the most petrified potential speech-maker, all you have to do is just put on your earphones and watch your confidence sky-rocket.
  • Jokes, Quotes, and One-Liners This book has over 100 of the funniest jokes to paste into your speech – you’ll have them falling out of their chairs with some of these! Guaranteed to inject hilarity into any wedding speech.
  • Classic and Contemporary Sample Toasts : no matter what style of wedding you’re having, there’s a toast in here to augment it – whether it’s formal, casual, or somewhere in between.


This handbook really does cover it all: it’s got everything you need to give a great speech, handle yourself with confidence, keep the wedding day running smoothly, ensure your daughter’s feeling relaxed and happy as she prepares to embark on her new life, and – last but not least! – manage to actually enjoy yourself at the same time!