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Innovative Ideas for Top off your Wedding Cake

Wedding cake toppers truly add fun and excitement to wedding cakes. Over the years, these cake toppers have come a long way from traditional couple figures to innovative romantic, comical and cool sport themed toppers. There are endless choices for couples wishing to have their cake decorated with unique and exciting cake toppers.With growing popularity of unique wedding cake toppers, couples are choosing innovative toppers such as piggyback cake topper to bring real charm to their wedding cakes. Here are some popular themes for wedding cake toppers:

• If you wish your cake have that traditional appearance, you can choose from huge variety of wedding symbols instead of going for regular bride and groom toppers. You can pick from a wide range of traditional toppers such as intertwined hearts, kissing doves, tilted champagne glasses and lot more.• A wedding day without a pinch of romance is boring and what can be the more romantic way of expressing your love than your wedding cake. There are endless choices for romantic themes like groom lifting his bride, dancing couples, couple kissing beneath an umbrella or bride and groom lovingly embracing each other. You can choose any romantic theme to express your feelings through your wedding cake. • A fun filled and fashionable option is having topper resembling bride and groom. Though it is quite expensive, but it makes your wedding cake truly distinguished. • A little humour brings much excitement into your life as well as your wedding day. You can bring humour to your wedding occasion by getting your cake decorated with funny bride and groom toppers. It will surely make your guests smile and laugh. For instance, you can go for piggyback topper or you can have a topper in which groom seems standing in isolation at altar and reading note from his bride that reads ‘still shopping’. • Themed toppers are also popular for decorating wedding cakes. There are dozens of themed toppers to choose from such as sports themed toppers, beach inspired toppers, Lovebirds, fairytales, Hollywood and lot more.• You can also enhance your wedding cake design with monogram featured on wedding stationary. They are simple to design and can be easily matched to any theme; colour or style, and yet become memorable symbol of life time commitment. With so many options to choose from, it usually appears to be daunting task to find the most promising one. You can look through wedding magazines to find that perfect piece of cake topper that reflects your taste and personality. It is better to search online as there are over thousands of vendors that can help you to get the wedding cake that captures the essence of your special day. john williams says that if you would like your interracial wedding cake toppers to have a hunting theme, we love making piggyback cake topper from your very own photoor of your favorite team.

Perfect wedding cake ideas for your wedding

The perfection in your wedding cake is as important as your wedding. It will be consider as your best decisions ever throughout your life once you chose your perfect wedding cake. Decorating your wedding with the correct choice of a wedding cake a will be treasured for your life time. From the first snack in the morning till the last dessert of the dinner you want your wedding to be perfect then why not your wedding cake? A wide variety of wedding cake designs and wedding cake flavors are available now a day. Ordering for each flavor or mixed flavor is quite not possible. Therefore for the best and perfect wedding cake it is better to read about the underwritten wedding cake types and then decide which one will suit you’re your wedding menu. Although magazines and books can be of a great help for you in deciding the actual kind of wedding cake that you want for your wedding, an online search is also an easy and convenient option that you can chose for your selection process. The various genres of wedding cakes that are available in the market could be shapes, types, flavors, sizes, toppings, colors and designs. The top two wedding cake categories that are highly famous and known to almost all of us are traditional wedding cakes and chocolate wedding cakes. The other options that you can opt for while choosing your perfect wedding cakes are white wedding cakes, frosted wedding cakes, individual wedding cakes, cupcake wedding cakes and wedding cakes depending up on the flavors. The detailed descriptions about the other types of wedding cakes can also be considered. The top two types of wedding cakes are described in details below: – Traditional wedding cakes: – These kinds of cakes have a topping of royal icing or in other words we can see that they are covered with smooth fondant icing. There are a number of designs that are offered by the royal icing. Just below the smooth fondant royal icing layer these traditional wedding cakes have a layer of marzipan. When you order for the traditional wedding cake be sure enough that you have described the prefect color of the dress you are wearing and the theme of the wedding that you have decided. This will help the cake suppliers make their selection of the traditional wedding cake easier. Chocolate wedding cakes: – Chocolate wedding cakes are the contemporary type of wedding cakes. These types of wedding cakes are most commonly ordered by the couples of today’s generation. The couples mostly focus on the cautiously handcrafted chocolate decoration while ordering for their contemporary chocolate wedding cakes. These chocolate decorations might include swirls, chocolate icing, drizzles and chocolate chips. This variety of cake comes in various designs and flavors. These cakes are the most prominent and elegant type of wedding cakes. Your wedding must be having a theme. Therefore always make sure that the choice of wedding cake you choose matches your wedding theme perfectly well. Luther King writes articles on gift ideas, tips on send cakes vijayawada and send cakes guntur.

Cakes for making Every Occasion Special.

Cakes are uncut part of celebrations. Be it birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation day, engagement, success, or be it any kind of celebration cake is must. Especially in metro cities where people find chances to relax their mind through party cakes is much in demand and required in every party. However, every party has different demand of

cake especially when it is birthday or wedding. These both occasion need different or I should say special type of cakes depending upon the requirements or wishes of person who is going to cut the cake. When it comes to cake of birthday there are several things need to be remembered. There is Birthday Cakes Mumbai that surely confuse you what to buy. Furthermore several flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, black forest, chocolate crackle and a lot more gives your option to choose from. You can choose strawberry if its girls’ birthday and black forest if its boy’s birthday or it’s really depend on choice of birthday boy or girl. Furthermore, if its kids birthday you can Buy Birthday Cakes Mumbai of different cartoon shapes of fantasy character. You can surprise your child with cake of his favorite character in his favorite taste. Just like birthday cake Wedding Cakes Mumbai is available in different flavors and shapes. However, it’s tricky to choose right wedding cake. We suggest to leave this up to party planner, close family member or bride and groom themselves. Wedding cake can of different size depending upon guests. It can be giant two or three tier cake or small cake family party. You can also buy small cake for cutting ceremony and distribute cupcakes among guests. The shape and design of cake must suit your wedding theme. Or outfit of bride and groom. There is new trend of Photo Cakes in Mumbai. the image can be printed on cake and it is edible. You can print image of bride & groom or birthday boy or girl on cake. The good thing is this image doesn’t harm your cake. It is hindered percent safe and edible just like out here cakes. What you need to do is place your order few days before when you need cake. And give photo of person or any image that you want to get printed on cake. These types of cakes are very famous for wedding or anniversaries. Going shop and bringing cake home is really difficult for anybody. Especially when we order big cakes for birthday of different shapes and character it really take good effort to bring such big cake home safely. Facility of Online Birthday Cakes helps you to get delivery at your doorstep. Furthermore, you can check cake shop brochures online and after discussing with your family you can order a cake just with few clicks of mouse without leaving your place. You also get opportunity to compare different rates of different shops. Online Birthday Cakes also help you to surprise someone with cake on his birthday at midnight.

The Most Creative Wedding Cake Ideas

Your wedding day is all about you, and as such it needs to be full of special items that represent you and your significant other. Maybe when it comes to wedding cakes, you need something a little more unusual to highlight your originality as a couple. Wedding cakes in Wisconsin are easy to find, but it might be a little tougher to come up with something that shows off your personality. Here are a few ways you can step outside the box. With a great wedding cake designer, any of these are possible! 1. Lighted Cakes

These wedding cakes in WI are growing in popularity, thanks to The Knock Shoppe’s Country Cakes idea of “wedding cakes kissed with light.” The lights actually run through the cake, creating an angelic glow that add a subtle beauty to the cake itself. It’s an original idea that isn’t too off-the-wall or bizarre, so couples just wanting to add a little something unique to their day are sure to appreciate this idea. 2. Luggage Cakes Do you and your fiancé love to travel? Are you going somewhere exotic for the honeymoon? Then what better way to show that off than to have your wedding cake resembles your luggage? Every layer is a different bag, with the final result being a cake that looks like your luggage, stacked and ready to go. 3. Wedding Cake Disaster That may not sound like an appealing title, but this cute idea for a cake shows off your fun personalities. While the bottom tier or two are stable, as the cake climbs, the top tiers appear to be listing dangerously to the side. Pepper the lower tiers with cake-topping groomsmen and bridesmaids desperately working to keep the bride and groom from sliding off the top. You can even represent the disaster itself on the cake. What caused that top tier to slide? A volcano eruption? A meteor crash? A monster attack? Have a little fun with this one and leave your guests chuckling. 4. Flower Pots If you or your significant other are big into flowers, consider making your cake a series of stacked flower pots. Better yet, help your cake tell a story. Each tier’s pot can be “filled” with a flower that is significant to you and your relationship – his favorites, your favorites, the first kinds he ever gave you… the list of possibilities goes on and on. 5. Big and Little Cake Combo Can’t decide between a big four-tiered wedding cake and individual cupcakes? You don’t have to! Some brides now choose to set up a tiered stand but fill the bottom two tiers with cupcakes, while the top two hold a more traditional wedding cake. Guests can choose which one they want, or you can reserve the traditional cake for the wedding party and family, with guests getting cupcakes of their own. It’s a good way to combine the formal with the festive. No matter what you’re thinking in terms of wedding cakes Wisconsin has plenty of talented bakers who can offer you creative ideas even beyond these. There’s no reason to be anything less than completely satisfied with your cake, so choose a design you love and be prepared to tell stories about it for years to come! Wisconsin wedding planner and guide bridal shows in 2009 and 2010. Come visit our booth and learn about our wedding cakes.